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IZA-CHIN &[♥You're exactly my brand of Heroine♥]&

I spilled the ink across the page tryin' to spell your name
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Angus & Julia - Paper Aeroplanes
I spilled the ink across the page trying to spell your name
So I fold it up and i flick it out
Paper Aeroplane
It wont fly the seven seas to you
Cause It didnt leave my room
But it awaits the hands of someone else
The garbage man

So he opens it up and reads it out to all his friends
Amongst the crowd a heart will break and a heart will mend
He walks on home tired from work
The letter falls from his hand
He reaches out only to catch the sky
Its gone with the wind

I spilled the ink across the land
Trying to spell your name
UP and down there it goes
Paper Aeroplane
It hasnt flown the seven seas to you
But its on its way
It goes through the hands
Then to someone else
To find you girl

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